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Queen Mary's Gardens is located inside the Inner Circle of Regent's Park (within the boundaries of the City of Westminster and the London borough of Camden) and was created in the 1930s, bringing that part of the park into use by the general public for the first time. The site had originally been used as a plant nursery and had later been leased to the Royal Botanic Society. There are still some of the original pear trees in the gardens which supplied fruit to the London Market in the early 1800s. But Queen Mary's Gardens is maybe most Famous for its beautiful rose gardens with almost every rose in existence and the beautiful Triton Fountain. The outstanding beauty and the huge variety of roses have inspired the photography A. G. Jacob, encouraged by his enthusiasm for the loveliness of nature, to observe with his camera from 1995 until 1997 the magnificence of the Queen of flowers and thus gave birth to the collection English Roses consisting of more than 300 rose portraits. The public areas of Regent's Park are managed by The Royal Parks, a government agency. The Crown Estate owns (since Henry VIII 1491-1547) the freehold of Regent's Park. Within the gardens stands Mary Queen of Scots House, a museum and visitor centre, refurbished in 1987 - the 400th anniversary of the death of Mary Stuart (1542-1587), which tells the story of the life of the tragic queen.

The Photographer expresses his utmost admiration and his thorough gratefulness to the Management, staff and each individual gardener of The Royal Parks and its subsidiaries for preserving and facilitating the Queen of flowers at Regent's Park to its unprecedented high standard of prettiness.

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